Lenka Koppová

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Public Speaker in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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Very passionate social media addict constantly seeking new challenges. I think about myself that I am highly effective. I don't like promises, I prefer action and results.

People person with a desire to lead other people to perfection. Everywhere I am seeking a room for improvement. Team player with own opinion and critical view of the world. I'm always honest even if the truth is not pleasant, I'm not afraid of it.

Manager with excellent organizational skills. I am good at organizing stuff and people. I know how to deal with time management: I am always first in the office, but it doesn’t mean that I am leaving first; I am used to handling more things at once - multitasking is my friend. But I also know that for some tasks or important decisions is necessary to have clear head and focus on detail.

Tireless student devouring news from the world of marketing, social media, journalism, human resources and many other fields. I am constantly seeking new opportunities for self-development. I started to learn Spanish, broaden my knowledge of digital marketing and design. I'm the girl for everything,

I love reading and I think, that writing is challenging fun.

  • Education
    • B.Sc. of Epplied Economics & Jurnalism
    • International Studies
    • Applied Economics & Media Studies (unfinished M.Sc.)