Lenka Matejikova

Operational Excellence Strategy and Implementation Expert in Londýn, Spojené kráľovstvo

~ Lenka, what is your professional stand?

“In my view, those companies re-branding in 2016 might re-direct their focus on the world's global evolutionary change, means implementing mindful thinking, conscious acting, effective communication flow; support teams and people in a development of leadership and their continuous growth planning. Today, all the Busienss Transformational Tools such as Continuous Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, ISO Standards, Quality Managemnet Systems, Personal, and Team Managerial Tools, Tools for Leaderships or Transformational Learning, all are accessible and available in many kinds of form and ready to be tailored for every single interested user. So, why you would not give it a go!?"

~ What is your personal vision and what do you love, Lenka?

"I am extremely passionate about my life and the life in general. Thanks to my parents, both are fitness and health oriented, I became driven by practicing a balanced healthy lifestyle and continuous learning; committed myself to moving my own limits at all times, loving increase my body and mind performances by practicing regular sports like running and yoga, meditate and eating clean vegan. I also love spending the free time in nature, sharing my love with my family, friends and my animals. Visiting art events and historical places and networking - meeting new people.

This all supports my vision of who I want to be in the world - a stakeholder of my own life - an inspiring woman.

I have learned continuously creating the consistance in my actions towards my personal vision. By doing so, I feel happy, energized, balanced and I am having the right amount of strength fully contribute to the company / the customer I am working for. Fully on working for their Vision and Mission Success.

I adore the idea of everyone creating and living own life with the focus on sustaining life style balance, naturally connected to othres and so we can create a better future for our planet together.”

  • Education
    • Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín