Lennart Göthe

Living in Stockholm, Sweden since 1986 I view my life from a turning point in 1994. Before that I grow up, pursued a carrier, built my life from a perspective of "coming from, going to".

In -94 I "got lost" and started to think and above all felt and figured. Being in my mid-fifties I am slowly starting to mature and adapting a perspective of enjoying "here and now" to its full extent.

I run a portfolio of companies together with my two very close partners in business. In our holding company we act management support, provide coaching and help out with finances and financing. We also offer office space with facilities for small businesses.

I like to stay free and enjoy life as much as possible. I have a fantastic partner in my wife Pia who also enjoy traveling and inventing life as we go along. One of our
big interests is to engage in providing a better world in different ways.

We do that as social entrepreneurs and as educators, coaches and by investing in
projects aligned with our vision, norms and values.

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Lennart Göthe