Lennart Engelhardt

After finishing my BA in economics at the University of Stockholm at the age of 22, and less then one year later rejecting an offer to become a professional golf player in Las Vegas, I have been working on how to create benefits and a sustainable future for customers, family, society and myself. Without really planning it, I have become a change-maker in many business situations. I have helped companies and organizations become more profitable by making them understand their mission, their unique capacities and their customers’ processes. This includes clients and partners like IKEA, National Geographic, Stockholm Stock Exchange, SEB, AGRIA, The Government and Commercial Life of Åland, The Swedish Post, and many more. During the last 25 years I have started about 15 different business ventures of which some has become successes and others not. The companies have been in a wide variety of sectors, such as IT solutions, Mobile services, Real Estate Facility Management, Champagne, Photography & filmmaking and more. I am still married since 30 years with Anita, I have two kids (10 and 9), I am not playing as much golf as before, although living in the beautiful southern Spain. Spending my spare time walking the dogs in the natural park, fishing or growing fruits and vegetables.