Lennox Phillips

West London

Lennox J. Phillips is a 19 year old from west London who is aspiring to become relevant in the entertainment industry. His aim is to make a name for himself as an all round talent specialising in music, acting, and filmaking.

From the age of 14, Lennox was infatuated with the performing arts, especially drama and music. However he never had the confidence or time to pursue these arts as he was always focused on playing football, which he had been competing from the age of 6, ending at the age of 17 after achieving semi-professional standard football at Farnborough F.C.

After quiting football Lennox then auditioned and got a part in his first production entitled "Romeo & Juliet" where he had a leading role as "Lord Capulet". The whole experience was thrilling for the 17 year old, and from then on he has had an undying thirst to perform on stages.

Not long after this lennox started to write songs and poetry as a hobby. It started through writing in a journal that his mum made him keep. He used to get bored of writing things that had happened to him in the normal way, so he added a twist where he would write stories that rhymed. He found that he was really creative and had a talent for venting his thoughts, emotions and life through poetry and song writing. After discovering this new talent, he then recorded his first song which was a soul/hip-hop track called "The Coroner". He was very inexperienced and fresh to the art, but he has a lot to offer with the way he can capture simple words and arrange them in a way that will make the listener think of them in a whole new meaning.

Lennox has spent the last year performing at various venues from stratford westfields to his local youth awards in hounslow. He also has been educating himself in the music industry, and plans to bring out an E.P which is still in progress. He is currently writing short stories and plans to do filming based on them.

A once shy and quiet boy now plans to take the industry by storm. The only thing that can stop him now is himself.