Lenny Smith

Born Leonard A. Smith Jr. in Plainfield, NJ on September 1969. I am better known to my family and friends as Lenny, L or Leonard. I always tried to make things comfortable for my surroundings. I never tried to intentionally hurt anyone. I always wanted the best for myself and others. I had my ups and my downs and I had plenty of bad and good. Overall, I made it through the toughest storms with all GOD's assistance through his word, people, situations and life experiences. I strive to to help people who want to be helped and get on their feet and succeed in life after struggling with life issues, family abuse, drugs and alcohol. No matter how much we can do, I know that I can do nothing without Christ as my savior. I am trying find a way to build an online business that can help someone with thier needs as well as thier wants. I want to capture the American Dream as I perceive it! I am in studies of becoming a dedicated overall Social Worker for the Elderly as well as others in need.