Binghamton, Ny

I currently live in Binghamon, NY. I go to Suny Broome. I am taking business as a degree. I currently am trying to work toward my goal of opening a horse stable in my hometown, which is Oneonta, NY. I am a former foster care youth. I first went into foster care at the age of 12 and recently left at the age of 20. I was one of the ones that did not do anything to help myself and had no money saved up or anything. I was moved around to around 9 diferent placements within the 8 years of being in foster care. I have had a very long and hard road. Since being about of foster care and not having a job or money, i have realized i should have done more to help myself. Fortunately, I have had many good people involved in my life that have helped me build myself back up from being completely homeless.

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