Erik Lennartson

The first album I bought an actual hard copy of was J-Kwon's Hood Hop from 1990. Mom threw it out on our family vacation to Florida promptly after the first listen while we were driving down the highway in a Chevy Suburban moving at 75 mph. We listened to silence after that.

Since that day, I've been digging through metaphorical crates searching for truth and light after living through hip hop's era of depression (the early 2000's). With that expedition, I've found sadness and joy within the culture and the music, but have steadily kept a passionate love for everything it has done for the world and for myself.

I'm now currently studying Writing at Northern Michigan University, and hope to use my degree, my skill as a writer and poet, and my opinions that are rooted deep in hip hop music to flesh out the truth about hip hop: it is not dead, it's just on life support.