Lenora Winters

Savannah, Tennessee

Since early childhood I've been very interested in the fantasy genre of movies and books. It started with the movies Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Legend, and Willow. Since then, I've been reading and watching all I could of the ever-expanding fantasy world.

As I grew older, I got into video games. More specifically, the Final Fantasy series. Just for tellsies, my favorites (in order) are VII, VIII, IX, X, and the XIII series.

As more time passed and I began writing poetry and small stories for class projects, I started searching for a book that encompassed all my favorite aspects of the movies, books, and games I had come to love.

But I couldn't find anything.

Determined to make the ideas in my head a reality for everyone that shares the same interests (as far as books go), I set out writing.

The projects I'm working on as of right now (December 2015) are: the first book in the 'Marked' series (Broken By Shadows), and the first book in the 'Remnants' series (The Gift of Second Chance).

'Marked' is a mix of thriller, horror, and romance. Odd combination, eh? It's about a man named Spencer who was driven insane by a demon and he becomes a patient at the Alnwick Mental Institute. During his stay, the demon that put Spencer there tries to force him to give in to his dark urges. But when a young woman named Ellie, branded with the mark of the demon itself, begins visiting him, Spencer realizes there might be some hope for him to free himself.

'Remnants' is a mix of fantasy and adventure. Quite typical. It's a series born of my vast love for the Final Fantasy series, and a complete summary of the series can be seen on the Facebook page here. Yes, I'm that lazy, but it's also too long to put here.

Sorry for talking your ears and eyes off but that's all about me! How are you doing today? :)