Lenore Kelly

Student in the United States

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This is obviously my "personal" spam. I don't accept many people, but I probably will once every blue moon. If you're from my school, there's a 90% chance I won't accept you, so darn. I rant here sometimes, but I usually delete it in a few hours

My name is Lenore, and I'm a high schooler. I'm pretty outgoing, and I don't really judge, so don't feel nervous to talk to me. I don't really have any kins, but I don't mind being tagged as Scott Pilgrim, Sock(WTH), Louise( Bob's Burgers), or Zidane( FF9). I go by her/she, so I'm pretty "unoriginal". I make a lot of mean jokes, so don't try to get your panties in a wad. I'm not that funny online, but if we Skype, Kik, or talk IRL, you might think I'm pretty alright.