Derrick Lensgraf

I've spent about 7 years in Oregon now, and I gotta say it's one of the best of my favorite places I've ever been. Going home is akin to going on vacation. In the summer, the beaches, outdoors, and rivers are refreshing; the mountains during the winter offer skiing, snomobiling and limitless activities to enjoy. The health-oriented mindset, the go-green attitude, and the feel of the cities brings out a lot of amazing people.

My family, originally comes from Norway. Part of the Lensgraf family still lives in Norway holding a large farm and also practicing chiropractic out of their own clinic. Based on family stories we're supposed to have some viking blood in us.

Lastly, I am going to be a fourth generation chiropractor. Last time we counted, there were about 42 chiropractors in the Lensgraf family. I've been told this makes us the second largest chiropractic family. My great-grandfather studied with BJ, and my grandfather took lessons from BJ. I actually have signed books from BJ at home.