Lentrell McEachern


Lentrell McEachern

Producer, Artist, Vocalist, Song Writer, Arranger, Director, Educator, Visionary, Man of God

Lentrell McEachern. Artist, vocalist and music minded visionary felt and received a true and unequivocal love at the early age of four years old. At the encouragement of his mother and Godmother-Grammy nominated song-writer. A Sunday solo would be the start of this unusual and heartfelt, lifelong love affair with-MUSIC. All forms of music, and the creation of music of any kind from its days of courtship and late night rendezvous to a marriage to "MUSIC" pre ordained by God.

This love, "MUSIC" has proven to last a lifetime. It has blessed audience's world wide, with the gift of song like no other artist to date. Piano and vocal lessons to encourage the natural-if not "prodigy" gifts of a child. This evident gift sparked the passion and the inspiration for some of the most stellar performances to the artist credit.

Inspired by the some of the greatest music legends of all time Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Commissioned, John P. Kee, Charlie Wilson and Rance Allen. These influences have helped shape the musical styling of a voice that is seasoned and mature beyond its years. A vocal range that when you listen to J. Lentrell McEachern play and sing, it showcases an inherent-God given and spiritual gift.

As a result, during his very formative years and early days at church and community events and winning talent shows to the encouragement of a popular and receptive audience. J. Lentrel possesses the "It" factor. Family, friends and the audience response proved to the artist within "This is what I am here on earth to do".

Lentrell McEachern
3183 Wilshire Blvd Ste 196-E12 Los Angeles, CA 90010• (323) 379-4950 • lentrellm@me.com

Producer| Lead Vocalist| Musician | Boom Operator/Mixer
Producing, Arranging, Coaching

Over 20 years’ of professional experience lending my musical talents, engineering and business acumen to the entertainment industry. Lentrell has the technical knowledge to bridge the gap between audio and visual teams as well as introducing new methods of recordings, live presentations and performances in church, corporate presentations, and producing high quality videos. A highly acclaimed tour manager, songwriter, keyboardist, producer, vocal trainer and pianist, camera operator, boom operator, producer, production assistant, associate producer, Lentrel

  • Education
    • Fullsail University, Atlanta Institute of Music