Leo Henderson

Herndon, Virginia, United States

I'm a professional Con Artist whose expertise lies in fooling people, taking their money, and never paying people who work for me. I have ruined several lives and forced people to go bankrupt because I steal their money. I convince them to invest in my company and then never pay them back.

I have been sued several times in the past 10 years. I have already been bankrupt once in 2003. I have several judgements against me. I currently have 3 law suits pending against me. I owe people
thousands of dollars.

Few years back I ran away from New York because I owed people so much money that they started
threatening to kill me. But that did not teach me anything, I'm still the same idiot.

Before you hire me or my company for any work, check out the attached file below. It has a long list of people who have sued me because I owe them thousands of dollars. They trusted me and I took advantage of them.

Do a search for Leo Henderson & Washington Broadcast on the Fairfax County, Loudoun County
New York District court site. Do a background check on me before hiring me or working for me.

If I owe you money, feel free to stop by my place and beat the living crap out of me because I will never ever pay you back. I never pay my contractors and if you hire me or my company I will never finish your because I do not know shit about AV. I will just take your money and run..

The worst of all is, I don't care about my family and kids. This is the kind of example I'm setting for
kids. I hope I'm not their role model.


(703) 462-0129 (mobile)

2415 Clover Field Circle
Herndon VA 20171

(571) 488-2240
(571) 265-2278


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    • Con Artist at Washington Broadcast Consultants
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