Leo Dela Cruz


Almost all of us in this busy world focused on our daily life ignoring the condition of our nature. We suffer of calamities and natural disaster every year that claims thousands of life. Air polution is rapidly increasing caused by mass deforestation of our lands for the benefit of a few. Trees are virtually important to the Environment , Animals, and Humans. We are facing the devastating effect of climate change. Global Warming is caused largely due to the emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere because there is no enough trees to absorb and store these gases.

At present i have a Non Profit Charity foundation project to complete, and i wish i can get support from people of different walk of life. The aim of this Foundation is to collect funds from donors to execute my Tree Planting project and to provide aid to the victims of these devastation.

I urge everybody to support my cause, don't let ourselves left with nothing but dried infertile desert in our planet. Let us restore what we have detroyed, Let us Plant Trees!

Remember, Trees gives us life, without them, it will be impossible to sustain life!