How did you get started in party planning?

I start promoting parties when I moved to Miami in 1999. As I started doing BBQ at my house, I met a lot people and then I did my first COSTUME party in my house that reached about 350 people and was amazing. There was a DJ and everyone was dressed in costume, just beautiful! After that, I got a call from Level night club to start promoting there…At the beginning I didn’t know what to do….and they just tell me to make sure my friends were coming and I did it for 6 years in Miami where I work in all the best clubs of Miami Beach. I move to Beijing on 2006 because my family works in the Embassy of Brazil and I just keep doing my parties here. I love China, my job and party.

What kind of folks show up to these parties?

A mix of nationalities. The crowd is good , a lot Diplomatic people from the Embassies, a lot business people, CEO’s , GM’s, Actors, Models , Dancers, Musicians, Airlines Crew, Students, everyone is always welcome.

As I am a Brazilian and we love the mix of cultures and colors. My parties are the same I have too many friends from all over the world so when I have my party I have all the nationalities and it makes me happy to see everyone in peace in the same party, enjoying life.

What's the music like?

The music is taken care by my DJ Fuego (Fernando) and DJ She Juliana Lima we have been work together for more than 2 years, now and they know what my people like. But again the music is mixing for everyone to enjoy a little bit everything. International Music.

Where are you from and how has that impacted your parties?

I am from Brasilia the Capital of Brazil. I always have to say thank you for the BEAUTIFUL GIRLS that’s always came to my parties and make it beautiful. This is the most important thing when you do a party is to have a nice crowned and without any problem and always fun. This is making me happy and that’s why people like my party.

What is your biggest event each year?

Every event for me is bigger because I like to live the moment, but one of my biggest party is the LUXURY BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL that I am doing for 5 years already. Another one is the Brazilian National Day which is also a good party, Mundo Latino, Masquerade ball party..lol