Leonardo Castillo

journalist, blogger, and political activist in Caracas, Venezuela

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I am a musician, journalist, and blogger currently living in Caracas, Venezuela. My interests range from politics to music. I am also interested in technology and new.

Start my music studies in the Schola Juvenil of Venezuela in the city of Caracas, under the program 'Build Singing' carried out by the Schola Cantorum Foundation of Venezuela, in this formative process I learned singing techniques, with which to initiate my formation Vocal on the string of tenors, I also learned body expression and rhythmic movements and coordination integrated under the concept of eurythmy, taken to its highest level.

In 2015, I started my university studies in the Advertising and Marketing career, I also started my studies related to Social Media and started one of my projects with my own website, related to all entertainment information in Venezuela.

In 2016 I entered the political area, starting as a youth political activist of the political party Voluntad Popular, an autonomous movement integrated to the various structures of leadership of the party that works based on the interests of all young people together with the Principles and values ​​of Voluntad Popular.

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