Leo Force

Raleigh, NC 27606

LeoForce is the first recruiting robotics software in the industry and is the perfect fit for recruiting teams that spend a lot of time searching for talent, but want more time to engage. A cousin to the traditional applicant tracking system (or ATS), LeoForce separates itself with its recruiting robot, ARYA. Based on criteria that you set and prioritize, ARYA finds relevant candidates from your internal database and job portals. Then ARYA looks at patterns of behavior from your recruiters that results in hires and repeats those patterns. ARYA then dynamically sources based on those results. Once pre-qualified candidates are selected, ARYA sends emails and texts (one-by-one to ensure no spamming) to the candidate to wither confirm interest in the open job or obtain any missing criteria required until the candidate is considered qualified. ARYA repeats that process until you have the desired number of qualified and interested candidates and attaches those candidates to the job. The recruiter then gets to start recruiting in a pool of candidates who are interested and initially qualified. With sourcing being around 60% of a recruiter’s time, this gives them more time to spend on other positions, focus on quality engagement and significantly boost their ability to multiply hires. This means a firm or agency can increase spread, revenue and market share by closing positions quicker than their competition. And if a recruiter leaves, no worries, ARYA retains those best practices which will automatically be used for newer recruiters to accelerate ramp time and revenue potential.

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