Leo Frescos

Student in Melbourne, Australia

My name is Leo Frescos and I am currently studying at CBC ST Kilda as a year 9, I am an active participant in school based and outside activities.

As a sports enthusiast, I am involved in swimming sprints, long distance riding and I’ve being playing outdoor soccer for the past 8 years. I am a passionate amateur photographer, specialising in landscape and nature photography. I am naturally an optimistic person who is self-motivated with a strong belief in good things, approaching new situations with vigour.

I am a team player and believe personal attributes such as empathising, collaborative teamwork, leading, inspiring and motivating others provide a strong foundation to contribute to a future workplace.

My verbal communication skills are of a high standard; I am able to explain things clearly. I speak from the heart and am genuine and transparent. I use humour as a tool to create interest and engagement with my audience. I encourage others to contribute and share their experiences. I maintain respect in my tone and body language.