Leo Group

The Leo Group is an organisation comprised of a number of companies focused on green services, from waste management to recycling, property development and renewable energy. They have been in operation since the 1970’s, constantly providing innovation and direction for being environmentally savvy. While they provide numerous services as part of their operations, such as innovative uses for animal by-products and ways to make recycling easy, they also take on a number of local initiatives wherever they have facilities in operation. They do this through their Community Fund, which they distribute to various causes to help in engaging their communities and giving back to those who provide them with support.

Earlier in 2013, Leo Group distributed a portion of its Community Fund to aid the Queensbury Scout Band. This is a South Bradford youth band that is dedicated to bringing musical opportunities to children of all ages. The Leo Group provided the band nearly £2,000 to use towards new instruments for the band’s members. This amount is just a portion of what Leo Group has given to organisations and causes in its various communities. In total, it has donated over £125,000 to causes around the UK. Representative groups that have received donations include the Northowram Cricket Club, Action for Children, Manorlands Sue Ryder Hospice, and the District Autistic Support Group.

Another recent beneficiary of the Leo Group’s Community Fund is Haworth Riding for the Disabled. This organisation received more than £2,000, which enabled them to allow four riders to participate in the equestrian event of the Special Olympics. This event is being held at Hartpury College in 2013, located in Gloucester. The money pays for a number of expenses related to the vent, including entry fees, transportation, feed for the horses, and accommodations for both horses and riders.

Children in particular are popular beneficiaries of the Community Fund, and they do not necessarily need to be part of an organisation to benefit. Tragedy recently struck a family in Halifax when two young children lost their mother to a tragic car accident. While it is impossible to make up for the loss of a parent, Leo Group tried to provide the youngsters with some comfort by sending them on a trip to Disney World with their grandparents. These are just a few examples of the individuals and organisations that ha