Leo Khin

Reston, Virginia

I'm a 2x former Entrepreneur and Strategic Business Advisor who loves the Tech Startup world. My life’s passion is working alongside Entrepreneurs & Founders to Formulate, Implement, and Measure winning business strategies; helping them makes their dreams a realization. Currently, I’m working with 5 Startups (in my spare time for free) from a Mentor, Advisor, and Resource standpoint in the DC Tech Scene. A Mentor of mine once told me, when you find something in life you would do every day for free; you’ve found your life’s calling. If that’s the case, then I’ve definitely found mine.

In my spare time I’m an avid adventurer and traveler. I love nothing more than my worries behind me, and an open road ahead of me. I’m all about multiday hikes, camping trips, traveling to exotic locations, climbing a cliff, kayaking a river, or relaxing at the beach. I have a passion for good food that rivals my passion for business. I’ve eaten some pretty weird things, and never give up the opportunity to try something new.

My personal hero is my father; who taught me what it meant to be a man, and live life with Discipline, Integrity, Passion, and Morality. My inspiration is my mother who taught me strength and grace. I believe that we must all hold ourselves to a higher level of moral caliber and accountability. There is no such thing as impossible in my vocabulary. There are no hopeless problems; just undiscovered solutions.

Audentes Fortuna Juvat – “Fate Rewards the Bold”


  • Work
    • Business Advisor
  • Education
    • George Mason University