Seung Yun Lee

My name is Seung Yun Lee, well, my legal name is. However, I go by Leo. I was born in Seoul, Korea, and I moved to LA when I was four. I have been living in Hacienda Heights, the 626, since then. I have had a pretty rollercoaster/boring life as a child/now. I was diagnosed with CGD, or Chronic Granulomatous Disease at the age of one. I had spent my first year in the hospital receiving treatments and surgeries. I take medicine on a daily basis and try my best to stay out of the hospital. I have had quite a few hospitalizations throughout my life, but I have been somewhat healthy for the past 3 years or so. The only cure for my disease is either a bone marrow transplant with a 5/5 HLA match or an experimental gene therapy procedure that was scheduled to be initiated by NIH last December.

Anyways, on with the rest of the assignment. I created this blog for the purpose of my English 103 class that I am currently enrolled in at Chapman University in Orange, California. I was pretty anxious when we were told that blogs were gonna be a part of the class. I had never had a blog, unless a Tumblr counts, which really doesn’t, but it had always seemed interesting.

So. Chapman University. I decided to go to Chapman because it was a good school, and it had just started a Pharmacy program that had a five-year accelerated program. So now, there are eight pre-pharmacy majors in the whole school. Chapman has a small and very attractive looking campus, so that’s also why I chose to attend Chapman. Everyone here is so nice and friendly.

English 103. I am taking this class because it is a pre-requisite for pharmacy majors. However, I chose this class specifically, because of the title and the course description, as well as the timing of the course. It was the only class that fit in with my tightly packed, 17 credit schedule. I took AP English Language and Literature in high school, and my writing improved tremendously since then. I look forward to this class, and I hope that my writing improves even more and I feel more comfortable and confident in myself while I’m writing.

I don’t see what the requirement is for the amount of words for this first blog, so I shall just continue to just talk about myself and stuff.

My dad is the General Manager of Sales at Nongshim America. He’s worked at Nongshim since 1992(?) in Korea, and he was the reason why we moved out to California in the first place. He was transferred here and we’ve h