Tran Quang Ai

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

My name's Tran Quang Ai (Trần Quang Ái).

I was born in 1994

Nickname: Leo Lion.

I’m currently a UI/UX Designer freelance from Ho Chi Minh (Viet Nam), studying at the Multimedia art school FPT-Arena.
I love everything that has to do with UI/UX & development, Mobile App, Web design, Animation and Industrial design. I'm a young but experienced. I was focusing on pure and modern designs.

I believe i have the right experiencer and decide to
apply for the job.I love working with people, especially if they have the same
passion I have for what they do.

Why don't we work together? Go further down to see why I am the man you need
to hire!

  • Work
    • Ho Chi Minh
  • Education
    • Trường THPT Quỳnh Lưu 3
    • FPT Arena