Leoma James

Pullman Washington

Favorite Childhood memory:

Learning how to ride a bike, it was such an awsome experience for me, esspecially because is till enjoy riding my bike now! Its one of my favorite passtimes.

Why did i choose WSU?

I choose WSU because its close enough to home in case i want to see my family, but it also far enough that i feel like im really indpenedent and have the liberty to live my own life!

Favorite place to study?

I love studying inside of the Multicultural Student Centers inside the Compton Union Building, I go in to study on the days that I know tutors who teach my class will be in there, just in case i get stuck on a question and need help!

Favorite campus spot?

Zoes Coffee Shop, although i dont drink coffee they have pretty good hot chocolate and poetry nights. Its a nice place to hang out and buid connections!

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favortie Actess: Taraji P. Henson

My Involvement: At Washington State University besides working with Alive Program as an OC, I am a mentor for the Multicultural Student Center, as well as the Entertainment Director for the V.I.B.E.S Conference! I am also the Secretary for Gods Harmony, active member of Black Student Union, as well as an events coordinator for the African Frienship Association.

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    • Washingon State University