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When I got into my first place, I thought I had made it. Finally, out on my own, free to do whatever I wanted.

But it hit me before long.

Until then, I had lived with parents or roommates. No matter what, someone was always around, or was always going to be around.

After those first few days of bliss, a creeping loneliness settled in.

I was shocked.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be.

Freedom, time to do whatever I wanted, being the man of the house.

None of that seemed to make up for the fact that I honest to goodness felt like I was alone.

Friends helped, of course, but when everyone is busy, or you're getting home from work and are super tired, that doesn't work.

So what'd I do?

Well, I got a cat.

Don't worry, I didn't write off humans and never go out again. I've got great friends and love to go to work and meet interesting people.

It's just, when I come home, I know my cat is waiting for me.

Even when she's grooming herself in another room, I can feel her around, and it's great.

Just that extra little bit of attention I needed. And I reward her for being such a great friend by spoiling her with all sorts of toys (oops).

That brings us to today.

I'm learning all I can, diving deep into research, and putting out the best information I can about raising a healthy, happy cat.

Find out more, get in touch, or just enjoy your cat - any of those is great with me!