Leon McCormick Jr.

I am a musician, writer, composer, that creates out the box musical grooves. I work with my son who does my mastering and an engineer. I deal in what I've coined as A.O.G., which means the ART OF GROOVE. That means I can take any sound and bring it to a groove. I take pride in being different for what's so called popular. It makes no sense, being that we're all individuals that do not have to sound like the last hit song. Where's the creativity in that .Technology has given us the ability to move musically and creatively where no person has gone before. So if you'd like to take a trip down that artful path of groove then join us, and we will work to help you get there. We go by the name, M5-MUSIC RESEARCH. It's all the music, the groove, and experimenting. That's Us: Oh by the way: We're brand new, Watch for us.