Leon Nichols

carreire ms

i been single for 5 five or 6 years now and i can't find no one out there i have bad luck al the time with girls everyday on facebook and i cant afford dating sites and im disabled with M.D speaking about that i i got it when i was 7 years of age it was just a biopsy they took from me and it was Called muscular dystrophy dushans and i have L.D, and ADHD, and im heart broken and i wish to change my life some day and live for christ but i don't and god is missing in my life and why and my familey dont go to church and i wish to be heald and prayed over to stop me making mistakes i been healed befor but it came back again and i don't feel free at all becuase i don't want to live like this for ever and i hope someone will save me and i want sweet compaion to take care of me and i wish i had my own family and i want a life so bad i just want to break away from this drama in my life i have no friends were i live and im living in a lonley place there is no close friends to me and i promise i ain't and im not no fake one bit god knows it to and god have seen it to like me and i don't smoke and i use to drink rarely now i can't because i have Gastroparesis and i cant eat all stuff like every one els can and i use a wheel chair all the time and i hate my life i wish to be loved befor i die and to me its looking like ill have no one im just living it up a depressed lifestyle why me not fair at all and love is hard to find out there and who will love me maybe no one i think so and i wish i had my own place were there is peace of mind and im skrued i don't see the light of the end of the tunnle and i have a goal and a future i always dreamed of but it want happen for me i want so much from some one and im sorry all this im living fake dream and why am i and that about it

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