Leon Richardson

Long Beach California

Well hello there name is Leon.. My nickname is pooh or big daddy. I'm a African-American.. That's lost at the moment.. I'm a very unusual but predictable person that is random and spontaneous sometimes.. My personality is very different and "weirdly lovable".. I'm a very upbeat happy person, and when I'm not you'll never know cuz I'll hide it, simply cuz I don't wanna cloud your sunny day.. I love kids and plan to have 2 or 3 of my own in the future.. I'm intelligent or I like 2 think I am.. If I'm comfortable enough with U, U'll know that I kinda a have a nasty side 2 me.. I like 2 b flirty but at most times it backfires and ends up being funny.. I'm not that typical guy that's out to get sum ass.. I'm not a push over but I tend 2 give in 2 arguments.. It's just that I'd rather lose the argument than the person.. I'm social yet impaired.. I'm sum what agile I can deal with almost anything and if I can't, then I push myself even harder. I don't like 2 B held down 2 the same thing everyday.. I'm not a very jealous person, I'm more envious if anything.. I'm a very open minded person that wants experience everything life has 2 offer <--(yes i said everything).. I like everyone it's at most times people will dislike me.. I like 2 B different and to break every standard that I know. Diversity is what makes us all human.. If we were all the same then we would not be an individual but a mindless robots waiting 2 be controlled.. Now for my religious views.. Well my mom and dad are baptist.. And so I've adopted the same.. But my beliefs R realy twisted and messed up.. See I believe there a god up there and a devil down there.. And that we R between heaven and hell.. It's just I don't believe some things that are in the bible.. I've red the bible and know about it.. I also pray.. Jus that I've never prayed 4 myself but only others.. And sum of U mite think I need 2 B saved but see I already have bin.. And I feel like yes I've sinned (who doesn't) and I've bin cleansed of those sins yet I still feel dirty not guilty but dirty.. Like I'm stained and can't get away from all these mistakes I've made.. Does that make sense?? And love oh yes "Love".. 2 me hasn't bin the greatest experience.. But still I'm looking.. And I'm still am looking.. Just if U wanna b on that level with me b careful because my heart is fragile and vulnerable..