Leonard Cochran

Consultant in Memphis, Tennessee

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I am a lifetime learner passionate about helping people reach their God given potential. By day, I work as a learning professional. I am a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). My degree is in Adult Education. By night, I dream about how we can learn more about human behavior to improve instructional techniques to better equip, engage and empower learners. I want to see change, not just talk about change.

Other facts about me:

I am an published author and national speaker. (Okay, I authored a chapter on Coaching to Improve Performance and spoke at a national conference on that topic twice. The book is The Art of Modern Sales Leadership by Renie McClay)

The Marcus Buckingham Standout assessment reveals I'm an Equalizer/Connector. Equalizer: A level-headed person whose power comes from keeping the world in balance, ethically and practically. Connector: I am a catalyst. My power lies in my craving to put two things together to make something bigger than it is now.

My top five strengths revealed by Strengths Finders are: Responsibility, Communication, Belief, Arranger and Consistency.

Last, but not least; I am the owner of UpWords Unlimited LLC. The company promotes personal growth and development. www.UpWordsUnlimited.com

  • Work
    • Hilton Worldwide
  • Education
    • Bellevue University
    • Johnson and Wales University
    • CPLP