Leonard Grubb

Semi Retired business consultant who has served for the past 25 years as a missionary at large and a pastor in NE Ohio. In my younger years I was heavily committed to Yachts and sailboat racing, and later to enjoying time on the water just "messing about in boats". My past 15 to 17 years have been invested in working with others from a "Recovery" perspective, counseling individuals with addiction problems and ministering one on one to people in our community as a Police Chaplain, Pastor and Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. From home and a small office remotely I work at helping people via the internet gain the skills and knowledge needed to generate an income with a business of their own. I believe that self employment gives a person the FREEDOM they are looking for to raise their families, and enjoy the life that God has given them. Instead of people being the tail on the dog they get to wag the tail and BE the dog...(so to speak). People are my Passion!