Leonard Menchaca

Program and Communications Assistant and Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona

My name is Leonard Menchaca. I attended school at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, Arizona. I completed my Communication degree with a minor in Media Analysis in May 2016. I’m interested in perusing a career within leading industry companies that will flourish me into a working professional.

I was born in California but raised in Arizona. I'm a concert and movie goer. I love live music so I try to go to as many concerts that I can. Some of my hobbies would be dancing and acting. I took acting and dancing classes before and fell in love with both practices. I also like to hike and exercise during my free time.

Apartfrom my education, I am currently an Administrative Assistant with the Schoolof Life Sciences at ASU. In the past years I have had the opportunity to workas a Program and Communications Assistant, Marketing Intern and a CustomerService Representative. These experiences have helped me in terms of applyingmy communication skills into a business environment. With the Global Outreachand Extended Education office I was given the responsibilities to communicatewith over 1000 students per year, develop Blackboard courses, and effectivelycollaborated with a team to execute the success of our division. I haveenhanced my marketing skills with an internship with CBS Radio. I gainedknowledge about the media industry with in-studio experience with on-airpersonalities communicating with over 3.6 million listeners around the Phoenixgreater area. At University Housing at ASU I gained my customer service skillsalong with strategic skills during the planning of major events that includedmoving-in over 10,000 new-incoming students

I'm a very passionate person. I tend to dream big and go for the opportunities that are given to me. I work very hard to get what I want and I show my feen for the wishes I desire.

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