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Following the death of my son Shane, I decided to become a law student and save the world. While I haven't (as yet) managed to save the world from a pharma takeover, I've learned much along the way. I graduated with a law degree last year as a mature(ish) student - I am now studying for a medico-legal MSc in the Royal College of Surgeons.

My gorgeous, funny, son Shane (22), whose lecturers referred to him as 'an chroi mór' (the big heart)died tragically in August 2009. 17 days before his death, he was prescribed the anti-depressant Citalopram (Cipramil/Celexa). I have since discovered that Citalopram, and all SSRIs, have, in fact, caused many, many deaths.

Despite the fact that Shane died in an extremely violent manner, the jury at Shane’s inquest rejected a suicide verdict - mainly due to the testimony of Dr David Healy, who testified that SSRI anti-depressants can cause suicide and violence. His report is here.

Following Shane’s inquest, Lundbeck (the manufacturer of Citalopram) stated on Irish TV that it was a safe drug - despite this ‘Dear Doctor’ warning letter they sent out to healthcare professionals (memory failure can be a terrible thing). Irish Psychiatry adopted a similar stance, using the media to defend their 'medical model'.

Irish psychiatrist Patricia Casey, turned up (uninvited) at my son’s Inquest as 'amicus curiae' - to offer her 'assistance' to the coroner. Following Shane's inquest (on the steps of the Coroner's court), she spoke of her 'issues' with the process, dismissing Prof. Healy’s testimony as 'speculative'. She later stated that she didn't think it was the drug, rather a 'mental illness' that Shane was suffering from - posthumously diagnosing my son on National TV - while neglected to mention her many years collaborating with Lundbeck and receiving honoraria (cash or gifts) for same.

Another psychiatrist, Prof T Dinan of University College Cork, also disputed that antidepressants can cause harm. Despite being a committee member for the Irish Medicines Board, he too didn't seem aware of the SSRI warnings, provided by the very same medicine's board (I fear memory problems must be contagious). Incidentally, he has also collaborated for many years with Lundbeck and received numerous honoraria.

Incidentally, neither knew my son Shane.

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