Leon Stripp

Sydney, Australia

Leon Stripp has expressed natural talent and passion for extreme sports from a young age. At the age of 5, Leon demonstrated a keen interest in Martial Arts and spent the following three years fulfilling this hobby until the age of 8 when he became the youngest Black Belt in Australia.

At this point in his life, though still young, Leon was introduced to the film industry and in 1989 he began stunt training with Colin Dragsback at numerous stunt training facilities. Leon devoted his weekends and evenings to honing his stunt skills and his skills were acknowledged by his inclusion in a number of feature films and TV shows.

Leon participated in all aspects of stunt work including high falls, trampoline work, fight choreography, car knockdowns, bail-outs, fire and water sports. As a result of this Leon has been elected by the Australian stunt community to be one of only 12 National Stunt Committee members on the MEAA grading panel.

At the age of 16, Leon began a parallel professional career in wakeboarding. In the last thirteen years he has competed for both state and Australian titles alongside the likes of Daniel Watkins. In 1998 Leon represented Australia at the World Wakeboard Titles in Dallas, Texas. Then in 2003 Leon became a snowboard instructor at the prestigious “blue cow” mountain.

Leon currently continues wakeboarding and snowboarding. However, he is no longer involved in the competitive arena, choosing instead to focus on his free riding, film making and developing his own skills and image to allow self-promotion and marketing.

  • Work
    • Stunt Actor, Safety Supervisor, Asst. Stunt Co-ord