Lephas Bailey

Project Manager in Phoenix, Arizona

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I am Lephas Bailey. I originally belong to London. I then moved to Washington where my family is based (currently), bringing with my extensive knowledge and experience of sales.

Experience You Can Depend On

I have charismatic passion behind several endeavors as per my clients’ expectations. But, the instinct that took me to the field of real estate was a strong vision and mission to create an atmosphere of honesty and teamwork. Similarly, I have this mindset of creating a base where people have more importance than the company’s bottom line. My proclivity towards offering outstanding client handling coupled with an advanced industry knowledge has enabled my clients to have a strong belief in my goals of making every individual dream into reality.

Proven Real Estate Experience

In 2015, I attained profitability in 93%, the highest of my carrier which has recently made me convert 60% more clientele. Prior to real estate, I gained my experience in wholesale mortgage banking industry which proven as a plus to my entire work strategies and implementation. In fact, I was known for implementing new financing methods, which brought me amongst the most profitable in the North segment of New Jersey.

For ten amazing years, I sailed through most challenging experiences in this profession but eventually, I got the opportunity to meet extraordinary people, my co-partners and the experiences, I describes as life changing.

According to me, it is a natural fit to my efforts that I am now helping realtors to live their dreams as well. As a result, I and my close-knit team of realtors have earned a respectable presence in the most competitive Real Estate market in the world.


I am experienced with several referral programs which have produced 20% overall business since I became a realtor. I am responsible for over $50 million in sales volume with different communities. The result driven approach and extensive market knowledge that I have, allows a thoroughly understanding about National Association of Realtors’ rules and regulations and real estate agent laws to me.