Lesley J. Vos

Content Evangelist in Чикаго, Соединенные Штаты Америки

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Hi, I am Lesley! Living in Chicago, I am a girl writing for the living and pleasure. A big fan of Oxford comma, and a big hater of redundant adverbs.

I do data research, content creation, and texts editing for several blogs on education.

I am a regular contributor and guest writer to many publications, including big dogs such as Moz, Content Marketing Institute, WordSteam, Mention, and others.

I am a ghostwriter for HuffPost, Inc., and Entrepreneur authors.

And I am going to share this 9-year experience in my e-book soon. (Easier say than do, but I promise to try.)

I do love travels (my heart belongs to Ukrainian Lviv), movies (say hello to Meryl Streep), and reading (King, Twain, and Hemingway teach writing to me).

Nobody’s perfect, and I continue polishing my skills. Jon Morrow, Aaron Orendorff, and Henneke Duistermaat are the gurus reminding me that sky is the limit and my best text is yet ahead.

Don’t hesitate to contact me: to say hi, to ask me to write for you, to pull my works to pieces, to recommend interesting blogs, books, or media... You choose!

P.S. Coffee, foxes, and The New Yorker are triggers to reach me on the double.

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