Leslie Benson

Senior Editor, Content Writer, and Marketer in Nashville, Tennessee

Leslie Benson

Senior Editor, Content Writer, and Marketer in Nashville, Tennessee

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Hi there! My name is Leslie I. Benson, and I'm a Nashville, Tenn.-based writer and musician passionate about healthy living, music, and pop culture.

I’ve been working as a published journalist (writing and editing stories) since 1999, a digital content writer since 2005, and a blogger since 2009. My writing has appeared in more than 30 print and digital publications. Check out my portfolio and blog for writing samples!

My latest creative project is That 80s New Wave, a curated social media movement celebrating '80s New Wave music, movies, fashion, and home decor. Follow @That80sNewWave on FB, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest!

My personal interests include songwriting, poetry, photography, film, sci-fi, steampunk, craft beer, roller derby, and spending time with my cat, Siouxsie. But most of all, I love writing compelling content and contributing to creative collaborations!

Achievements Unlocked So Far:

· Worked as first female Music Editor at NUVO Newsweekly

· Interviewed Tori Amos

· Made Debbie Harry of Blondie laugh

· Edited award-winning stories about the Selma March and Hurricane Katrina

· Managed National Guard cover story about women in combat

· Heard Neil Gaiman speak about the importance of storytelling

· Self-published a music magazine

· Performed as Vocalist + Lyricist for God in Rehab (2022-Present) and The Sweetest Condition (2012-2016)

· Saw David Bowie and Depeche Mode

· Hugged Peter Murphy and Gary Numan

· Stood behind Steven Tyler of Aerosmith buying red velvet cupcakes at Whole Foods

· Performed on the iconic Mercy Lounge stage in Nashville, Tenn., before the venue shut down in 2022

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    • Ball State University
    • Wright State University