Mr. Jegartmaster

Director, Actor, and Teacher in Budapest, Magyarország

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Arts CV:
Artist name: Mr. Jegartmaster

Hungary name:Jega Szabo Laszlo Tamas English name: Leslie Thomas J. Taylor. 1955. Szeged.
Foreign Exhibitions / Art of Recognition:
2011th Artslant prized creations: "Private-ism" 2011 oil painting BUZZ Meet our Showcase Round # 3 Winners Showcase.
Laszlo Tamas Szabo 2011./Jéga Artslant prized creations: 'The man comedy "Statue 2011 Showcase Meet our BUZZ Round # 4 Winners Showcase.
2010th / Jega Szabo Laszlo (Tom) included two works of the world's 15 most original creations. 1 / "Face to the ... ism" - Relief 2 / "The man comedy" - sculpture NAO Awards "2010. January 29 London Top 10 poll of the New Art Gallery Originals by ASAP and selected works from the year 2009. Therefore, given an opportunity to show the Real World Gallery in London as a featured artist. 2015 Selected by the Hungarian National Art Gallery Hosting Art Salon. 2016 produced by a Bicskey Luke Stage

Postmodern works of professional and serious collectors circles interest. His works are now a large number of public and private collections. It is no exaggeration to say that Leslie Thomas J. Taylor is a central theme of "Metamorphosis of existing objects." That does not examine the original function - a new meaning and a new dimension to them. So these objects cease to exist for initially have been established, but their meaning is carried from its original function, and further interpreted in the new context, expressed in their presence message.

In addition to acting is producer artist's work, and in plays writes,and sort.

Ars Poetica:
Its art of the post-modern art has created a new branch of "free connection and playfulness" denomination. It means the art within the medium of free links to find and create means of illustration and visual experience of aesthetic, intellectual thinking, action and speech manual combines the experience of variations.

  • Work
    • oil paint,sculture,assemblage,relief,collage,insta
  • Education
    • First Hungarian Total Arts Cpace Freeschools