Les Pounder


I am a freelance writer working in print publications such as

  • Linux Format
  • Linux Voice
  • The MagPi

and web content for for online sites such as

  • Element 14
  • Tech Radar

I work with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to deliver Picademy, bespoke CPD training for teachers, covering the use of the Raspberry Pi in...

  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Music
  • Minecraft
  • Photography

I am based in Blackpool, in the Northwest of the UK and I champion a number of IT based groups for children and adults.

I am also the organiser of Barcamp Blackpool and co-organiser of Oggcamp, events which promote social interaction of the "geek" communities.

In my spare time I enjoy photography especially of my local area.

My blog is full of tech related posts so head over to http://bigl.es

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