Letrece Harris

Social entrepreneur in Arkansas

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Every aspect of my life has always been about exploring and using the creative gifts that I have. I take risks. I see the big picture. I always have, and I always will.

With my experiences as a speaker, writer, author, restaurateur, caterer, media ministry host/producer, small business owner and event planner, I have concluded that my strengths are in thinking outside of the box and creating solutions to problems. Whatever I envision, I want to own it and share it. I'm always thinking about the next big idea. Now, was I success at every business venture I pursued? No. But isn't that part of the entrepreneurial process?

Well, In May 2014 as I was dealing with a very annoying and frustrating problem in my home, I had my "aha" moment and came up with a solution to solve it. This idea provided a solution for me, and I believe it will do the same in millions of other households as well. The product is currently in patent pending status.

As I began to further develop the product and prepare for production, the more I realized that it was not only a product of convenience, but a product that provided a sustainable solution and that solution could directly combat climatechange which happens to be one of the greatest challenges the world faces today.

Many people take Mother Earth for granted. The earth is not ours. It is handed from one generation to the next, and we are responsible for using the resources as well as being good stewards over them.

With less than six months away from launch, I am excited to be a part of preserving the earth for the next generation. I do this not just for my three millennial age sons, but for every parent and their children and their grandchildren. Our product is a household consumer product that everyone uses. We can collectively make a difference preserving the environment right in the comforts of our homes.

In order to combat climate change, its going to take a universal effort. One home, one city, one state, one nation, one continent at a time. Together we can make a difference.

  • Work
    • President Ecertel Inc.(restauranteur) 1999-2005
  • Education
    • University Louisiana Monroe B.S. Toxicology