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Project Manager, Editor, and Writer in London, United Kingdom

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Having stumbled into the world of film production by accident whilst at film school, I started realizing that nothing was topping the 'production experience' for me; coming across a script that leaps off the page and helping to connect a group of talented individuals to bring that story to life, all the while shepherding the process from script development to post to marketing. I believe the role of a producer is to help make films happen.

Steven Spielberg once said that if he finds a good story that really won't leave him alone, then he can't leave it alone. I feel the same way when I read a great script or hear an original/exciting concept for the first time; imagining what this story could look like on screen, who could bring these characters to life, the cinematographer's camera angles; the adrenaline rush never changes for me. Everyone loves a good story and I believe there's nothing more exciting than documenting and preserving such stories to share with people all over the world from all walks of life. Stories which combine the visual with music and the spoken word and which can realistically take us into worlds we can only imagine from the page.

Finding scripts which make your heart race and doing everything you can to help turn them into films is what it's all about for me; exciting, thrilling, original scripts and stories with entertaining/impacting hooks, concepts, 'oomph-factors' and story/plot arcs. It doesn't even have to be an original story - as long as its execution is. Having been heavily influenced by predominantly sci-fi, fantasy-horror, action-thriller, action-horror, fantasy-action, drama and comedy genres growing up, I tend to gravitate more towards 'entertainment cinema'-orientated filmmaking and yearn to be involved with similarly-themed productions. Though I'm equally as inspired by dramas, with films such as Germany's 'The Edukators' ['04], 'American Beauty', 'Into The Wild' and Nicolas Winding-Refn's 'Drive' being amongst favourites.

Co-producing/being involved with the production of films like 'Sunshine', 'District 9', 'I Am Legend', 'Stay Alive' ['06], 'Chronicle', 'Scream', 'Monsters', 'The Edukators' [GER, '04], 'Trance', 'Into The Wild', 'Troll Hunter', 'Cloverfield, 'The Descent', 'Rogue [AUS, '07] and 'Jackie Brown' would be examples of 'dream projects'.

Here's to thrilling audiences everywhere!

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