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Visalia, Ca

Est 1990

Raised by films and the internet, and programmed by music. Aric ‘Levelseeker’ Castillo is an aspiring artist, devoted to sights and sounds. Currently juggling time between college; split between graphic design/illustration and musical composition, while the remaining hours of the day are dedicated to other crafts: Writing, drawing, painting, recording, anything and all things audio or visual. Unsatisfied settling on one thing, everything peaks interest. This site is a collective of thoughts, and recordings of my ventures, as an interactive journal as well as a portfolio for my deeds.

Level 01 Car enthusiast. Heavily Influenced by mecha, the renaissance and european antiquity, futurism/cyberpunks, japanese animation, etc.

The various links below splinter to my empire.

Disclaimer: These are my own ventures and ideas. Nothing here expresses any employer, current, or previous.

  • Education
    • College of Seqoiuas