Levi Teitlebaum

ABOUT Ell Tee Photo

Levi Teitlebaum grew up in a big family in Montreal and is identified by all who know him as having an exceptional, strong talent for creativity. This creativity has spurred a unique, artistic inventiveness that has turned him into a passionate photography enthusiast and a amazing childrens photographer in Brooklyn
Levi's creative mind and great eye for detail aids him in studying the art of combining light with shadow, colour with contrast. He has a special charm and energy that makes his clients feel confident and at ease while working with him.

Since 2007, Levi has built a remarkable portfolio based on the many projects he has worked on, including photojournalism for news websites and newspapers, editorial work with international agencies, street photography with strangers and commercial company product photos.

Lately his work has taken on a new flare with an entertaining photo style--pictures with added emotional meaning or humor element and even more as a creative Brooklyn photographer.

Levi is using his talents that have been guided and carefully trained by professionals who are experts in the commercial art world; he has a mentor from South Africa whom he met during his studies in the country in 2009. The fascinating work of this most sought-after wedding photographer in South Africa can be found on her website: Elizabeth Photographer in Pretoria