LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC

Through the unifying element of the houses designed by William J. Levitt in the late 1940s and early 1950s, William J. Mullan, Jr.'s home remodeling firm LevitStyle Inc. seeks not only to preserve the history of a distinctly American form of architecture, but also to contribute greatly to the community of Levittown, New York, and beyond. LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC works exclusively with Levitt cape- and ranch-style homes, developing a proper understanding of this piece of history based on architectural typology. By thoroughly understanding the architecture, LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC can renovate these homes in a way that seamlessly meshes with Levitt's vision while incorporating modern touches that homeowners favor.

William J. Mullan, Jr.'s work with LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC extends to the community in other ways. LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC hires interns from high schools in Levittown and other local communities to impart architectural knowledge and local history while demonstrating the benefits of a career in architecture and home design. Because of his work with LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC William J. Mullan, Jr., is also able to donate historical building elements to the Levittown Historical Society, of which he is a member. Similarly, as one of LevitStyle Home Remodeling, LLC ENERGY STAR-certified architects, William J. Mullan, Jr., is a prime candidate for the Levittown Chamber of Commerce's Green Levittown Committee on which he sits, making the town more environmentally friendly through smart business initiatives.