lev shneur

I lived an interesting life. I was born in Moscow Moved to Berlin when i was a child when the revolution of 1991 happened in Russia. I moved back to Moscow in 1993 and soon after that left for America with my family. My father is a composer, my mother is a pianist. I spent my early life being around music and even as a kid when my family moved back to Russia once more took part in Musical Projects. I soon realized it was not for me and started working at the age of 15. We had an amazing time creating companies, being prodigies, we developed so much in little time. My wife Ariana sold more than 7 million albums in Russia during that time. Her parents were family friends and we have been together for more than 10 years now getting married in 2008. After 2008 with the world financial system melting and my new marriage i decided to avoid the risks of a new Russia. It has reverted back to it's original form by that time so risks that could be transferred on to my family i could not afford to take anymore. I have been living in America for a while. I have studied political science recently. I graduated MAEL with a degree in commercial law back in the day so this fit right in. I am a huge history fanatic and a theology debater. I enjoy programs to help talented kids ( which i, without hidden narcissism considered my self to be at one time) to get a chance at life. We mostly share knowledge, i believe in my young life i have collected enough to spread it around to those that are making their first steps into an unconventional future. Dogs, New Soul, Family, Finance analyses, teaching my self how to avoid stress are all my hobbies. I would consider myself a debater and a thinker at this point rather than a businessman. I have learned over my short time on this earth that what others view you as may vary.... My main dream would be to have a functioning Russian Society once again where talent trumps the amount of time you spend kissing ass of some troglodyte who happened to be in position of power. We will wait and hopefully get to see those times come back sooner than later. Red Wine, Los Angeles Lakers Mandelshtam, and universal morality are all my pet subjects that i can bore the world with. i thank the internet for the opportunity, without it my wife would of killed herself for sure :)