Lev Tripolsky

President and CEO Lev Tripolsky directs all aspects of ITA-MED Co., a California-based manufacturer of high quality and eco-friendly home health care medical products. He established ITA-MED in 1992. Lev Tripolsky holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Upon completing his degree through the St. Petersburg, Russia-based institution in 1978, he received an invitation to work for Westinghouse Electric Company in the United States. Lev Tripolsky subsequently relocated to the US and proceeded to serve in escalating roles with Westinghouse.

Initially recruited as an engineer, he ultimately received a promotion to the position of international sales manager. Lev Tripolsky left Westinghouse Electric to return to graduate school, studying international business through The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He then opted to take a leave of absence from the corporate world. Lev Tripolsky instead proceeded to engage in a survival expedition across Africa for the next six months, subsequently returning to the States to work in the insurance industry. He founded ITA-MED shortly thereafter and continues to supervise the growing South San Francisco-based enterprise today.

ITA-MED ranks as a superior manufacturer of a range of home care products. In particular, Lev Tripolsky’s company carries a stellar reputation for its highly eco-friendly approach to manufacturing. ITA-MED products can be purchased through an array of major online retailers, including target.com, amazon.com, and drugstore.com, and the enterprise commands a diverse clientele that includes physicians, hospitals, and medical supply houses, as well as maternity shops and athletic products stores.

Developing a steady international presence, ITA-MED now counts approximately 20 percent of total sales as deriving from customers outside the US. Lev Tripolsky and his company maintain memberships in The Commonwealth Club of California: San Francisco and the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Lev Tripolsky sustains an array of interests beyond work that includes reading, music, and an array of outdoor recreational activities.