cosplayer in Pennsylvania

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hello! my name is courtney (I also go by court). i am sixteen years old and I use she/her pronouns. my main interests are sword art online, owari no seraph, rick and morty, danganronpa, cosplaying, fairy tail, and love live!

I do kin, although I only tag myself as them, so you don’t have to worry about me saying all sorts of “cringey” stuff. my kins include mikan tsumiki, yuuki konno, morty smith, kotori minami, ruby kurosawa & wendy marvell. i have others, but I just don’t really care about them as much. i don’t care if you’re a double and you follow, but please note that I will probably not be tagging you unless we’re close!!

please dm me, “SHOW ME THE MORTY”, and your name + kins if you want to follow!

also, don’t ask for my username because it’s not for trade/sale and it never will be, thanks!