Lauren Wynn

No matter who you are, every person has that desire or need to do something with their lives that bring them utter joy and happiness. Something that gives them an intangible euphoric feeling, and the sensation of knowing they are doing exactly what they truly should be doing in the short lives they live. This amazing thing is obviously different for everyone, but specifically mine is traveling. Yes this simplistic activity is a popular choice for many people, but I view it much differently. Anyone can say that they would just love to go to Hawaii or Paris, but I don’t see that as truly traveling, maybe more of a vacation. My urge to travel isn’t a phase, or a desire to just escape for a while. Actually learning and experiencing the lifestyle and culture of places so vastly different from what you are accustomed to is fascinating. It amazes me to go into a building, knowing it has been there for two thousand years, and the amount of history a person can learn, even when traveling alone, drives me to want to go everywhere. Typically, I spend my free time not watching TV or “facebooking” like the common college student, but actually searching for different countries or cities to visit, cheap flights to get me there, things to see or do when I do get there, and so on. Any chances I get to go relatively anywhere I’ll take, whether it’s Myanmar in Burma or Barcelona or even Croatia, where I’ll be visiting this summer, I’ll happily go and love every minute of it. Overall, traveling gives me what I need to live the life I want and to never settle for anything less than extraordinary.