Lewin House Arts

We at Lewin house arts, define ourselves as a media based company. We focus on a specific area of Digital media including photography and Graphic design. The skills and techniques of our photographers and graphic designers are all combine to effectively give you your own masterpiece, which can be stored in the comfort of your own home. So, your family and friends can see and remember it for generations.

We aim to give our clients a personal experience through photographic art and design. We offer a professional service and experience within our company; leaving you with a quality product right at your fingertips which you will never forget.

The staff at Lewin house arts has several years of experience, in their expert fields of photography and graphic design. Our primary focus is on you- Our Client, providing you with excellent service and also to give you a superb product.

Why we consider ourselves to be unique? If you have ever had a professional photo shoot taken and if you remember the process, you might have noticed it was not done with you in mind. What Lewin House arts has done is flipped this practice on its head and brought to you location based photography. Imagine having the perfect photo-shoot, in an environment you are familiar and comfortable with. What could be better, especially when a loved one is standing next to you. All this is made possible through Lewin house arts.

What we offer

Location based photography

Function & Events

Photo Editing

Design Touches

Design Templates

Photographic Restoration

Frames with Unique Frame Design

For More information and for a list of all other products we offer please refer to the

Lewin house arts Brochure. Alternatively please email me at Lewinhousearts@gmail.comThank you.


Mr Roger Lewin