Amanda Lewis

Anyone who have watched Meryl Streep's bakery in her film "It Is Complicated" would dream of starting one. Starting a bakery isn't any child's play but at least to most people, that picture perfect bakery would awaken certain level of our interest towards baking. Bread making used to be tough and shown too much effort for most people. However, with the coming of bread machine, gone are those days and receiving start with baking your own bread is now much simpler.

Ever since I bought my first bread machine, I Have baked comleted hundreds of baking cycle and tried out tons of bread recipe. I had my share of success and failure. And I know the value of the various baking cycle.

I love sharing my baking encounter just as much as the baking process itself. If you're interested to find out the best bread recipes and additionally few insights into what makes a good bread maker, do visit my blog.