Autumn Lewis


I’m a twenty something woman that blog because I realized that I had a lot to say about life as a {femme} lesbian–particularly about life, love, dating and GROWTH as a woman whom also identify as a lesbian but also about everyday things.
I didn’t come out until my early twenties, at which point I was married to a man, presenting as a “normal” woman. The transition from married woman to a full blown lesbian has been interesting and hard and terrible and great. I’ll probably blog a bit about that, too.
This site (which is not just for lesbians) is a container for my questions and observations about the LGBT lifestyle . I write on topics ranging from the metaphysical to the practical, including motherhood, relationships, and trying to find yourself in this wide world I’d love to hear your feedback.
When I’m not blogging, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m reading, running, or writing something else. I have a weakness for sharp cheese, Neo soul, spokenword poetry and other studs ( butch lesbians) I have too many projects going simultaneously, but that’s just me in a nutshell……