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Lewis C Barbe has been a specialty of Board-certified safety engineer for much of his career, one that includes service, and exemplary performance, for numerous companies and in numerous managerial and engineering positions. A well-trained, skilled and educated engineering professional and consultant, Barbe has utilized his significant expertise and experience in the field of workplace safety to provide expert consulting and testimony to a variety of individuals and organizations throughout the course of a number of legal proceedings.

Formerly the Corporate Director of Loss Control at American Hoist and Derrick, Lewis Barbe has extensive knowledge, experience and skill in the field of accidents and accident prevention, and has capitalized on that insight to provide accurate analysis and assessment of serious accidents to a variety of cases throughout his career. Also the former Manager of Accident Prevention for Westinghouse Electric, as well as the former Director of Engineering at Occupational Health and Safety, Inc., Barbe has performed continually well in the position of expert witness, as his testimony has often been the deciding factor in the determination of jury-awarded settlements.

Lewis Barbe takes his role as both consultant and expert witness seriously, seeking to make accurate determinations as to the cause and responsible parties for each incident and accident he assesses. Using practices that are both peer-reviewed and tested, he is able to effectively reconstruct an accident or incident with accuracy, clarity and efficiency. Barbe once won a National Safety Council award for breaking a world record for workplace safety, an honor he received while working for Westinghouse Electric.

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